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  • LA, 11/05, 2010
    Tavin Boutique
    1543 Echo Park Ave. CA 90026
    7:00 PM
  • LA, 11/06, 2010
    Samuel French - Hollywood
    7623 Sunset Blvd. CA 90046
    1:00 PM
  • LA, 11/08, 2010
    Coco de Mer Erotic Boutique
    8618 Melrose Ave. CA 90060
    8:00 PM
  • Montecito, 11/11, 2010
    Tecolote Book Shop (upper village)
    1470 East Valley Rd. CA 93108
    4:30 - 6:00 PM
  • San Jose, 11/13, 2010
    Barnes & Noble - Westgate Mall
    1600 Sartoga Ave. CA 95129
    5:00 PM
  • LA, 11/15, 2010
    Book Soup - West Hollywood
    8818 Sunset Blvd. CA 90069
    7:00 PM
  • New York, 11/22, 2010
    Barnes & Noble - Lincoln Triangle
    1972 Broadway (at 66th Street)
    7:30 PM
  • Lenox, MA 11/28, 2010
    The Bookstore - Lenox
    11 Housatonic Street, MA 01240
    11 AM
  • Water Mill, NY 12/4, '10
    Robert Wilson's Watermill Center
    39 Watermill Towd Rd, NY 11976
    1:00 PM, Reservations required!
  • New York 12/7, 2010
    Borders Bookstore (7 Ave 33 St)
    33 Penn Plaza, NY 10121
    5:00 - 7:00 PM, Guest: May Pang
  • New York 1/25, 2011
    Coco de Mer
    236 Elizabeth St, NY 10012
    7PM - 9PM
  • Pittsburgh 1/28, 2011
    The Andy Warhol Museum
    117 Sandusky St. PA 15212
    -5890 The Warhol Theater, 7 PM

    LICK ME review
    Posted: October 25, 2019


    as the first artist to participate in Madeline Bocaro's new blog series, Places I Remember.


    Newly discovered CV band reunion, circa 1994
    Posted: October 5, 2019

    Recorded live at Don Hills in New York City, 5/20/94 featuring original band members from her 1970's RCA days


    Rare CV Performance Video Discovered
    Posted: October 20, 2018

    Cherry does Blue Roses LIVE at Manhattan's Capito restaurant, circa 1988.


    Cherry profiled by Please Kill Me
    Posted: August 26, 2018

    The latest CV interview:


    LICK ME review
    Posted: February 15, 2018

    LICK ME reviewed on the Madeline Bocaro rock & roll blog.


    New CV YouTube video
    Posted: September 5, 2017

    Cherry talks micro-dosing LSD for Dermatillomania.

    And here it's presented in an article with background info:


    Cherry video portrait
    Posted: August 19, 2017

    Acclaimed French visual artist and writer, Chrystel Egal's 2011 film of Cherry now available here:


    New Punk Globe Cherry interview
    Posted: August 6, 2017

    Donna Destri interviews Cherry for Punk Globe's anniversary issue:


    A Conversation with Cherry Vanilla at Duke University, April 15, 2017
    Posted: May 4, 2017

    by invitation from the Theatre Department’s Jaybird O'Berski,
    Director of Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well and Living in Paris

    video by Nick Kramer


    Two recent interviews with Cherry Vanilla
    Posted: April 25, 2017

    Cherry interview re Duke U. and other interesting facts:

    Both in print and on-line:


    Cherry to speak at Duke University
    Posted: April 2, 2017

    by request from their theatre department

    Duke’s Department of Theater Studies in conjunction with The Gothic Bookshop presents
    A Reading from LICK ME by Cherry Vanilla
    Saturday, April 15th at 5pm
    Sheafer Theatre in Duke’s Bryan Center
    Free Admission

    The infamous Cherry Vanilla, a rock & roll icon at the forefront of everything cool from the psychedelic sixties through the punk rock era and beyond -- Madison Avenue pioneer, poet, groupie, DJ, Andy Warhol actress, RCA recording artist, PR for David Bowie and Vangelis, and critically acclaimed author -- in a rare North Carolina appearance in celebration of the Duke Department of Theater Studies production of the disco-era musical revue Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, will read from her lasciviously enlightening memoir, Lick Me, with Q&A to follow. Signed copies of Lick Me will be available at the event.


    LICK ME now available in paperback
    Posted: October 20, 2016

    Released by Chicago Review Press, October 1, 2016. Signed copies available from this website (here).


    Cherry's GIRLS NIGHT OUT
    Posted: August 26, 2016

    THE PAPER remembers Cherry's days as producer of legendary GIRLS NIGHT OUT shows.

    Click on video to see an entire show, with Cherry MC-ing


    Cherry's interview with Rowena Morgan
    Posted: October 10, 2015

    Check out Cherry's October 1, 2015 on-camera interview with Rowena Morgan in London:

    Photograph: Chris Youd

    Cherry Does London
    Posted: September 22, 2015

    Cherry will make an appearance in London next month, being interviewed by esteemed music journalist Rowena Morgan at the Surya live music venue on October 1.

    "An Evening With CHERRY VANILLA" starts at 7.30pm with the interview, followed by audience questions at 8.30pm and a meet and greet in the upstairs bar at 9.15pm.

    Tickets are available in advance from Eventbrite at

    Proceeds from the evening will be shared between the Thrussel Trust ( and the Terence Higgins Trust(

    Address: Surya, 156 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JL, close to the famous King's Cross Station.



    Rare footage Trude Heller's surfaces
    Posted: September 18, 2015

    Rare circa 1976 footage surfaces of Cherry performing at NYC nightclub Trude Heller's and of leaving her ass print in cement outside of the club.


    Cherry to open the 5th Annual Idyllwild Authors Series
    Posted: May 8, 2015


    At 4 PM on Sunday, May 31, 2015, Cherry will be interviewed live on stage by series director, Eduardo Santiago, as the first of six authors chosen to take part in this annual six-Sunday event, held at the Cafe Aroma (54750 N. Circle Dr.) in the charming artists colony of Idyllwild, high in the mountains, near Palm Springs, California. Admission is free. Her book LICK ME will be available for sale and for signing.

    See this press release for further details.


    Cherry to perform The Punk in CBGB WEST TRIBUTE TWO
    Posted: September 9, 2014

    Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 7:30pm PDT
    The Steve Allen Theater/Trepany House
    4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027


    Who is David Bowie?
    Posted: July 27, 2014

    Cherry gives insight in the exclusive Xerjoff Quarterly Magazine.

    Only 20,000 copies of this oversized (240mm X 315mm) publication have been produced.

    The first 1,000 copies were distributed at the Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup 2014 (7/19/14), the remainder to an exclusive mailing list of royal families, celebrities, entrepreneurs, government officials and diplomats throughout the world.


    Cherry makes TEENAGE NEWS once again
    Posted: July 2, 2014

    This time featuring the first ever reprinting of pages from her 1974 book POP TART COMPOSITIONS.


    MADE IN GOD. project
    Posted: July 1, 2014

    Cherry selected as one of the 101 people for the MADE IN GOD. project

    photograph: Bruno Pieters


    Cherry at CBGB's Tribute show
    Posted: April 1, 2014

    Cherry does encore of Cherry Bomb at Kristian Hoffman's CBGB's Tribute show.

    March 29, 2014, Trepany House, Steve Allen Theater, LA.


    LICK ME now available as audiobook
    Posted: January 5, 2014

    Lick Me as audio book

    UNABRIDGED and read by Cherry herself.

    With foreword read by Rufus Wainwright.

    Duration: 10 hours and 46 minutes, released by Audible, Inc.

    Purchase available at:

    In case you are not familiar with Audible audiobooks: After purchase you can download the recording in two parts. Both are .aa files to be played in iTunes, Audible's audiobook software, Windows Media player, or by means of an App on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone, Windows phone, Kindle device, Apple or Windows computer and several other options. Audible's web shop will help you transfer your book to the device you want to use it on. If you want, iTunes (or Nero) will be able to burn your own CD-Rs for use in your car.


    Cherry in California's high desert
    Posted: November 1, 2013

    Cherry in California's high desert, celebrating her 70th birthday at an outsider art installation, October 16, 2013


    Cherry featured in NYC photo exhibit
    Posted: September 12, 2013

    Leee Black Childers' photos of Andy Warhol's 1971 play, Pork will be on display this weekend at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City.

    This same photo is part of the David Bowie Is exhibit that recently broke all attendance records at London's V&A Museum, and will open at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in September 2014. (That's Cherry kneeling, with one breast exposed, as called for in the Pork script.)


    Cherry does Cherry Bomb at the Lance Loud book party
    Posted: July 2, 2013

    June 30, 2013, Trepany House, Steve Allen Theater, LA.


    Cherry's on the cover of Teenage News Magazine
    Posted: May 24, 2013

    To get your copy of this inaugural issue with a 20% discount, use promo code: LickMe


    Rare Vanilla video recently discovered
    Posted: December 23, 2012

    Thanks to Cherry's #1 fan, Gus B. and Youtube, we now have this 1978 Dutch TV clip to share and enjoy.


    Another fabulous Punkglobe interview with Cherry
    Posted: July 11, 2012

    Available now at:


    Cherry in BBC4's The Story of Ziggy Stardust
    Posted: July 11, 2012

    Check out Cherry in BBC4's latest David Bowie documentary, The Story of Ziggy Stardust


    David Bowie interviewed by Cherry Vanilla (1973)
    Posted: April 23, 2012

    This is never before released audio of Cherry Vanilla quizzing David Bowie in New York in 1973. As his spokesperson, Cherry did this in order to provide more informed responses to interview questions about Bowie by journalists and DJs. This private recording is now finally released via her official website:


    Translation of Cherry's recent "Made" magazine interview
    Posted: April 4, 2012

    Just a pointer for anyone who can't read Italian... An English translation of Cherry's recent Made interview is now available in this site's Press clippings section.


    Article on LICK ME in La Republica VELVET magazine
    Posted: March 25, 2012

    VELVET is a monthly Italian magazine featuring articles on fashion, culture and lifestyle.

    The article, in Italian, appears in issue #63 - 2012

    The gist of the article, for those who do not speak Italian, is "This ex-bad girl has always had a soul and a brain too. And despite the heavy use of drugs, pills and alcohol, managed to survive and thrive."

    Check it out here: (click to enlarge)


    Vanilla's latest interview in current issue MADE magazine
    Posted: March 3, 2012

    MADE is a bi-monthly Italian magazine featuring articles about art, design, fashion, and what the magazine calls "cultural surfing."

    Vanilla's interview -- Cherry's Wild Years ... her sex, drugs and rock & roll years with Andy Warhol, David Bowie and Sting -- by Italian Journalist, Fabio Destefani, appears in Issue #4 - 2011.

    Check it out here:


    Cherry's Lick Me released in Italian
    Posted: December 6, 2011

    Now available on the Italian market: A translation of Cherry's rock & roll memoir Lick Me, released as part of the OMu - Odoya Musica series.

    Series: OMu - Odoya Musica
    ISBN: 978-88-6288-128-9
    Pages: 320
    Date of publication: November 17, 2011
    Publisher: Odoya

    Details on the publisher's site:

    Shop for it at Fnac:


    Liz Smith's latest scoop on Cherry
    Posted: October 2, 2011

    Read renowned columnist Liz Smith's latest item on Cherry's Lick Me:


    The legendary Blue Roses now available for free download
    Posted: September 14, 2011

    In 1988, Cherry and Man Parrish wrote this intriguing jazz-edged poetry piece to benefit the grass-roots charity Cherry was working with at the time, Children In Crisis. It was performed live, with Barb Morrison on sax, for two nights at Capito restaurant in Manhattan, where photographs by Cherry were on exhibition. The trio made this quickie recording of it at Parrish's studio in Brooklyn, in order to sell cassettes at the shows. Unfortunately, the master tapes went missing long ago, but thanks to a well-worn cassette saved by the show's director, Tony Zanetta, we can now make this little piece of history available for free download here (see below) and also at Please excuse the less than perfect sound quality, and enjoy the journey nonetheless.

    Info on the album:
    RECORDED: 1988 - Brooklyn, NY
    MUSIC: Man Parrish (Girlfriend Music, ASCAP)
    LYRICS: Cherry Vanilla (Vanilla Music, ASCAP)
    SAX: Barb Morrison

    Download the complete album:

    Download tracks:
    1.Birthday Cake0:22(mp3)(flac)
    2.Elaine Vouvray3:54(mp3)(flac)
    3.Walkin' & Thinkin'2:59(mp3)(flac)
    4.Nightblooming Cereus1:44(mp3)(flac)
    5.Morning Mass2:23(mp3)(flac)
    6.Children In Crisis2:11(mp3)(flac)
    7.A Blue Rose (This Time)1:09(mp3)(flac)
    10.Lighten Up0:58(mp3)(flac)
    11.Jet Tracks0:39(mp3)(flac)
    12.Christmas Is For Children1:02(mp3)(flac)
    15.Birthday Cake (reprise)0:27(mp3)(flac)
    16.A Blue Rose (bonus track)2:12(mp3)(flac)


    Bowiezone scores the latest Vanilla interview
    Posted: August 7, 2011

    Read the latest Cherry Vanilla interview on Bowiezone here:


    Latest Patti Smith book is dedicated to Cherry Vanilla!
    Posted: July 15, 2011

    In Dave Thompson's just released book, Dancing Barefoot, The Patti Smith Story, the dedication reads ... "For Cherry, who not only showed me what could be done, but also gave me the resolve to do it." Cherry, who is also mentioned within the book, comments, "I am thrilled that Dave, a writer I respect so highly, has paid me this extremely generous compliment. I only hope that I have been and will continue to be an inspiration to other artists as well. That's more important to me than making any bestseller lists ... though that would also be nice." (See Dave Thompson's review of Cherry's book, Lick Me in the Book section of this site.)


    Cherry interview on Punkglobe
    Posted: May 4, 2011

    Latest CV interview now available at:


    Cherry on the Deb Colitti Show
    Posted: March 16, 2011

    Listen to Cherry's latest web radio interview on the Deb Colitti Show @

    There is a "listen now" button you can click on, in Cherry's spot in the "previous week's guest" rotator.

    Also notice the behind the scenes video right there on the main page.


    Now available ... Lick Me T-shirts
    Posted: January 19, 2011

    Just like the one Cherry wore in her punk-rock days, just like the one Rufus Wainwright wears in the photo!

    Sold exclusively through this website. Browse to this site's "Shop" for details and order form.


    Dangerous Minds interview
    Posted: January 12, 2011

    Cherry is featured this week on Dangerous Minds, with this half hour video interview by Richard Metzger:


    Back by popular demand
    Posted: January 12, 2011

    Cherry returns to COCO DE MER for encore reading of LICK ME:

    Tuesday, January 25 2011
    7:00PM to 9:00PM
    Coco de Mer
    236 Elizabeth Street
    New York, New York 10012


    LICK ME download for Kindle devices
    Posted: January 3, 2011

    Lick Me is now available for download to your Kindle e-reader:


    Talk on the Wild Side: The Affect of Andy Warhol's PORK on the evolution of Glitter, Glam and Punk Rock...
    Posted: December 14, 2010

    An informal talk/slide show/Q&A, with readings from Cherry's book LICK ME, followed by book signing.

    January 28, 2011
    7 PM
    The Warhol Theater
    The Andy Warhol Museum
    117 Sandusky Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890


    Top 10 Rock Books of 2010: Lick Me nr. #4
    Posted: December 14, 2010

    LA Weekly anounces a list of their top 10 rock books of 2010:


    Barnes & Noble reading on youtube
    Posted: December 8, 2010 shot a full length video of the reading at Barnes & Noble, November 22. Integral coverage on youtube here:


    Two more LICK ME events in the state of New York
    Posted: November 17, 2010

    There will be a reading/signing in the Hamptons:

    Saturday, December 4, 2010
    1:00 PM
    Robert Wilson's Watermill Center
    39 Watermill Towd Road
    Water Mill, NY 11976
    (631) 726 4628
    (free event, reservations required)
    RSVP at:

    And another NYC reading/signing for LICK ME:

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010
    5:00 - 7:00 PM
    Borders Bookstore
    33 Penn Plaza (7 Ave. at 33 St.)
    New York, New York 10121
    (212) 244 1814
    (special guest: May Pang)


    Lick Me makes LA Magazine Top Ten Books for November
    Posted: November 3, 2010


    LICK ME event for the Berkshires
    Posted: October 31, 2010

    Cherry will do a reading/signing in Lenox, Massachusetts.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010
    11 AM
    The Bookstore
    11 Housatonic Street
    Lenox, MA 01240


    Three more LICK ME events for Southern California
    Posted: October 23, 2010

    Due to the numerous requests, Cherry has added two more readings / signings in Los Angeles and one in Montecito:

    Friday, November 5, 2010 7 PM As part of the Little Birds series
    Tavin Boutique
    1543 Echo Park Ave.
    (bet. Morton and Grafton)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    (310) 482-5832

    Monday, November 8, 2010
    8 PM
    Coco de Mer Erotic Boutique
    8618 Melrose Ave.
    (bet. La Cienega and San Vicente)
    Los Angeles, CA 90060
    (310) 652-0311

    Thursday, November 11, 2010
    4:30 - 6 PM
    Tecolote Book Shop
    1470 East Valley Rd.
    (upper village)
    Montecito, CA 93108
    (805) 969-4977


    Cherry to write introduction for Tim Hailand book on Rufus Wainwright
    Posted: September 24, 2010

    It's a mutual admiration society for sure.
    Stay tuned for more details.


    Max's Kansas City Blog Features Cherry Vanilla
    Posted: September 22, 2010

    From the Max' Kansas City Blog:
    It was the drugs, stupid!

    I've read a lot about Max's lately. And it's all true ... well, sort of - everyone having their own particular spin on their Max's memories. As for me, when I think back to what made Max's and, indeed, the whole era so incredibly memory-making in the first place, I realize it was the drugs.

    Everything - the art, the theater, the music, the fashions - was all because of the drugs. Even for those who didn't take 'em, it was. The atmosphere was so steeped in them, that whether through ingestion or contact, you just couldn't help but be high. And in those days, it was predominantly a psychedelic high. So, naturally, everything came off as much more colorful, intense and magical, than in times when other drugs reign.

    So, when you read all of the incredible stories about Max's and you wonder why the place and the era seems to hold such glamour, intrigue and romance still - especially as compared with the world we live in now - you must understand...

    Read the rest of Cherry's guest blog on:


    Another outstanding review for Lick Me
    Posted: September 22, 2010

    Published in the Sept. 15, 2010 print issue of Library Journal:

    Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla.
    Vanilla, Cherry. Chicago Review, dist. by IPG. Nov. 2010. c.288p. illus. index. ISBN 9781556539436. $24.95. MUSIC. Vanilla personified the sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll of the Sixties and Seventies, and she here reveals an astounding array of details about her life during those turbulent times. Onstage, she starred in the Andy Warhol production of Pork. She steeped herself in rock 'n' roll and toured with the Police. A poet, singer, DJ, songwriter, publicity rep, groupie, and more, Vanilla was linked with David Bowie, Kris Kristofferson, and scores of others - the list reading like a who's who of the times with absorbing and titillating behind-the-scenes anecdotes. She survived untold highs and lows battling drugs and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Yet the heart of this story is how and why a little girl from Queens, NY, evolved into a larger-than-life celebrity. Tales of an insensitive father, a compassionate mother whose night job as a telephone operator provided Vanilla with a glimpse into the Copacabana, and youthful capers will engage readers from the beginning, offering a thought-provoking, bittersweet prelude to the mayhem that follows. VERDICT This brutally honest, engagingly written, and often raw memoir of a pop-culture icon reflects a bygone generation.

    - Carol J. Binkowski, Bloomfield, NJ

    Lick Me first on list of GalleyCat's great reads
    Posted: September 22, 2010

    Reading/signing in Los Angeles, California
    Posted: September 22, 2010

    Saturday, November 6, 2010
    1:00 PM
    Samuel French
    7623 Sunset Blvd.
    Hollywood, CA 90046

    Cherry's first ever Lick Me review
    Posted: September 8, 2010

    It's by the prestigious PUBLISHERS WEEKLY ... and it's a rave!

    Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla (By Way of the Copacabana, Madison Avenue, the Fillmore East, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, and the Police)
    Cherry Vanilla, foreword by Rufus Wainwright, Chicago Review, $24.95 (288p) ISBN 978-1-55652-943-6
    A fixture in the music and club scenes since the 1960s, musician, groupie, and PR woman extraordinaire Vanilla takes readers on a wild romp through her drug- and sex-filled life. Born Kathleen Dorritie in Queens in 1943, Vanilla loved music from an early age and would often accompany her parents to the Copacabana in Manhattan, where she once met Dean Martin. Raucous parties--often fueled by acid and pot--were a fixture of her life in the '60s, as she dabbled in DJing in clubs and built an advertising career on Madison Avenue. In 1970, Vanilla had "a rock and roll revelation": she wanted to become a groupie, even though she was "already a twenty-six-year-old businesswoman of sorts." This led to trysts with musicians like Kris Kristofferson and David Bowie, whom she helped introduce to American audiences. As punk music began to overtake glam rock, Vanilla launched her own music career and briefly toured in the U.K., with the Police as her backup band, and later in the U.S. Vanilla's voice is distinctively sassy, despite her conventional storytelling methods, and her memoir is an entertaining peek into music's backstage world. (Nov.)

    Reading / Signing in Los Angeles, California
    Posted: September 5, 2010

    Monday, November 15, 2010
    7:00 PM
    Book Soup
    8818 Sunset Blvd. (between Larabee and Palm)
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

    Cherry Vanilla's Lick Me about to be released!
    Posted: September 1, 2010

    In this candid, colorful read, Cherry chronicles her juicy, joyous journey, from the glamour days of New York's Copacabana nightclub in the 1950s to the raunchy days of punk rock at London's famous Roxy in 1977. Poet, actress, ad exec, groupie, DJ, Bowie PR lady, Sting bandmate -- Cherry was the ultimate rocker chick of the era, playing every role in show biz, while indulging in all of the sex and drugs she craved along the way -- a liberated, independent and successful woman, not afraid to tell the truth about her heartbreaks, failures, mistakes and even two abortions. Lick Me is the ultimate insider's tale of what goes on behind the scenes in the world of rock and roll.
    ... Chicago Review Press

    Lick Me will be released in hardcover -- with endorsements by the likes of Tim Burton, Dito Montiel and Pamela DesBarres -- by Chicago Review Press / A Cappella Books on November 1, 2010, available at bookstores, on-line, and also for download as an e-book. Pre-order at Amazon now. To purchase a personally autographed copy of Lick Me, visit Cherry's shop on this site.

    Chicago Review Press
    hardcover: 288 pages
    ISBN-10: 1556529430
    ISBN-13: 978-1556529436



    Reading / Signing / Q&A in New York
    Posted: September 1, 2010

    New Yorkers, don't miss Cherry Vanilla's first NYC reading/signing/Q&A of LICK ME

    Monday, November 22, 2010
    7:30 PM
    Barnes & Noble -- Lincoln Triangle
    1972 Broadway (at 66th Street)
    New York, NY 10023

    Reading / signing in San Jose, California
    Posted: September 1, 2010

    Saturday, November 13, 2010
    5:00 PM
    Barnes & Noble
    1600 Saratoga Ave.
    (in the Westgate Mall)
    San Jose, CA 95129

    This new official website launched
    Posted: September 1, 2010

    Welcome ... look around, enjoy, stay tuned for new additions.

    Home Shop Credits