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Nightranger images, Nightranger, Lina Lecaro, November 12, 2010

Pictures 35 to 38 are of Cherry's readin at Tavin:

SHE'S A LADY, David Cotner, November 11, 2010

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Cherry Vanilla Scoops On David Bowie, Warhol and more in new book, 'Lick Me.', Lina Lecaro, November 11, 2010

The name Cherry Vanilla may conjure nothing more than an ice cream flavor for some, but anyone obsessed with David Bowie, Andy Warhol or the well-documented hedonism of '70's New York nightlife knows it's in fact, the more-than-apropos moniker for a multi-faceted woman who played a pivotal role in all of the above. Yes, she was a hot dish and self-proclaimed sex freak, but Cherry V, was also a savvy PR maven, a talented poet and even a musician herself, along with being a "groupie."

In her new book, Lick Me-How I Became Cherry Vanilla (by way of the Copacabana, Madison Avenue, The Fillmore East, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, and The Police), CV recounts many of her trysts Pamela Des Barres- style, but the tome is also a revealing and humorous chronicle of the music and art world at the time.

Vanilla, who lives in LA these days, did two book reading events here last week. We attended her intimate event at Tavin (a whimsical Echo Park vintage boutique that's been hosting lively author salons with help of writer Steffie Nelson) last Friday night. With the bevy of beauteous Janis Joplin-esqie Boho frocks in the store, it was no surprise that most attendees at the reading wanted Cherry to share her section about making love with Kris Kristofferson, but our wish for a Bowie bit was also granted, and it was as cosmically intense and otherworldy-sounding as one might expect.

Bowie, Warhol (she starred in the popart icon's infamous stage production, Pork) and Kristofferson weren't the only famous men in Cherry's life. John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix also make appearances in the book, and when she got into doing music herself, Vanilla's back-up band was none other than The Police. Well, two of them.

After releasing a track on the seminal Max's Kansas City comp album in 1976, and an art book, Pop Tart, after that, she moved to London and became part of the UK punk and new wave scene. Sting was her bass player and Stewart Copeland was her drummer.

On stage, Miss Vanilla was apparently a saucy dynamo, but her sexuality and the candor with which she's always expressed it, is what got her the most attention back in the day and it continues to do so now that the book is released. We're mid-Lick and so far so juicy...

Check out an excerpt from her ballsy poem, "Memo the Muddy Minded Members of the Music Medium," (written after after getting dissed by three of her conquests: sax king Bobby Keys, Flutist Jeremy Steig and blues man John Hammond), below.

Fuck you, all you rock star guys
Who come to me with cocks on the rise
Back room, low tones, hot and dirty
Late night horny, sweet and flirty
Fuck you 'cause you just don't know
This lady's head beyond the blow
Words of wisdom, goodness too
Wasted on the likes of you....

Hear Vanilla read the whole poem and more at her next reading, this Monday evening, Nov. 15 at Book Soup.

See this week's Nightranger for more on Cherry, including two scoops about her Chateau Marmont event last week, where Angie Bowie herself caused a li'l ruckus.

See Cherry Vanilla's website for more hot pics and licks.

TAKE A LICKIN', Nightranger: WILD FRONTIER, November 11, 2010

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Liz Smith: Cherry Vanilla's Tasty Invitation
Liz Smith's syndicated CULTURE column, 10-28-2010

Very few books make me sit back and draw in my breath, but here's a new one from my old acquaintance, the so-called Cherry Vanilla. She has finally put her saga of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll down between hard covers.

"Between covers" partially describes this girl of the decades that gave us The Beatles, the last of Elvis, David Bowie, Sting, the Police, hippies, civic unrest, Gay Liberation and all the rest of a saga that had drugs of all types on the menu and sex on the brain. Ms. Vanilla has titled her opus Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla, and if you want to read an epoch-spanning chronicle about what these revolutionary eras were like, this is it!

My hair almost stood on end reading this book where I knew so many of the participants. For, although I was definitely around through all of it (Woodstock, the Copacabana, the Fillmore East, Andy Warhol, etc.), I remained somehow outside looking in and quite naive. But I met most of these players so it was catnip reading to find out what they were "really" like, from Brigid Berlin to Kris Kristofferson to Lance Loud.

Besides being a sex addict, Ms. Vanilla also became a rock 'n' roll arranger and manager, an ad executive, PR expert, performance artist, writer and poet. She is still going strong though she says she now lives without sex. Amazing!

Cherry Vanilla talks sex, David Bowie, rock 'n' roll, and Mark Zuckerberg
NY Daily News, October 22, 2010

Cherry Vanilla talks about sleeping with David Bowie in her new memoir.
The wisdom of Cherry Vanilla dictates that when you get the chance to sleep with David Bowie, you take it - even if you've got giant carbuncles on your thighs.

It's one of many bawdy tales the rock 'n' roll tigress recounts in her memoir, "Lick Me," out now from Chicago Review Press.

Vanilla, who was born Kathleen Dorritie in Woodside, Queens, spent the '60s and '70s in the nightclubs of New York and London, doing drugs, partying with Andy Warhol and Warren Beatty - and, naturally, having lots of sex with rock stars.

While appearing (nude) in the London production of Warhol's play "Pork," Vanilla met Bowie and became his "PR lady" back in the States. The position involved writing under Bowie's name for teen magazines, pleasuring deejays for radio play and eventually bedding the Thin White Duke himself.

Their first encounter (which they never spoke of later) took place during a surprise visit from the supposedly heights-shy Bowie to her 24th-floor hotel room in Boston.

"Take your clothes off, Vanilla, and let's go to bed," Bowie implored. But though she'd been "hot" for the rocker, she hesitated. Bug bites from a vacation had developed into nasty carbuncles, and bandages on her inner thighs covered them.

Vanilla gave in when the gallant Bowie promised to ignore the unsightly sores.

"The sex was as dirty, rough and aerobic as anyone could want, but it never felt like we were just having sex," she writes. "It felt like we were really making love."

And the carbuncle awkwardness "added a sweetness and charm," Vanilla told us.

She got up the next morning to eat room-service croissants and finish typing a contract: just another day in the '70s music biz.

Of course, those days are long gone, she says wistfully. The new rock stars are tech moguls, like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, for example.

"He is sexy in a way," she said. "If I was a young girl now, he's probably who I'd be groupie-ing for."

Liz Smith: Cherry Vanilla says 'Lick Me'
Liz Smith's syndicated CULTURE column, 10-8-2010

REMEMBER the 1970s punk rocker/singer/celebrity Cherry Vanilla?

She played a necrophiliac nurse in Andy Warhol's play, "Pork," toyed around as David Bowie's publicist, formed her own group, moved to London, had some astonishing success, and became the reigning empress of glam rock and punk. She knew everybody and everybody knew her. She was a fun figure on the scene throughout the '70s and '80s.

Miss Vanilla returned to New York and continued to record, though she never quite achieved the hotness of her early days. However, wild times notwithstanding, she's survived and is still a pistol.

In November, her autobiography, Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla, will be released. Advance reviews are sensational. Dave Thompson of Goldmine magazine raves: "Lucid, telling, torrid, hilarious, horrifying ... the finest musical memoir of the century so far!" Okay ... that's a money review.

It seems a given the book will be optioned instantly for the movies, but who will play the unique and dazzling Cherry? The singer herself shrugs off suggestions, but insiders say she'd love to see Georgia Jagger, daughter of Jerry Hall and some guy named Mick, playing her very naughty self.

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